Google Fit vs Samsung Health: A Complete Guide By DigitMize

Google Fit vs Samsung Health: A Complete Guide By DigitMize

The popularity of Fitness Apps and Fitness Bands are increasing day by day. To keep track of your level of fitness you need to have the best fitness app on your Smartphone. But which is the best fitness app which can track all your activities more accurately? Google Fit Vs Samsung Health? 

Google Fit vs Samsung Health


In this article, let us discuss the features of Google Fit and Samsung Health App. This detailed comparison will help you to download one of the best apps which satisfy your fitness needs.

What is A Fitness App?

It is essential to measure physical activity effectively to your fitness level. Fitness app and Fitness bands are exactly doing the same. It tracks your fitness activity and helps to modify your physical activity to improve the level of fitness.

For example, Fitness Apps and Gadgets can tell you exactly how much distance you have walked, or how much calories you have burned during a physical activity section.

Fitness App uses smartphone sensors to track your physical activity. Because of this reason, modern smartphones can monitor the activity more accurately than the old generation smartphones because of advanced sensors.

Google Fit Vs Samsung Health

Both apps can give you details report about your physical activity. With these detailed reports, you can modify your daily routine and diet habit to stay in great shape.

Google Fit Activity Detection App:

Google Fit Activity detection app is one of the most popular fitness app available today. As people trust Google, people also trust their fitness app with more than 10,000,000+ downloads and 3 Start ratings in the Google Play Store.


Pros of Google Fit Activity Detection App

  1. Google Fit Activity Activity App uses its advanced algorithm to track your physical activities using smartphone sensors. It can accurately track different activities such as Walking, Running, Cycling, etc.
  2. It has a dedicated website to track your fitness data from anywhere at any time.
  3. Google Fit App can give you a detailed report about your activities and also can provide some suggestion for more improvement.
  4. Google Fit is compatible with most of the Fitness Apps and Activity trackers. To sync data with other apps need to download another app from Google Play Store named Health Sync.
  5. Set Your Activity Goals in Google Fit App. Setting Goals helps you to get motivated to achieve your fitness goals.
  6. With Google Fit Activity Detection App, you can set more than 100+ fitness activities like Walking, Aerobics, Badminton, Football, etc. Just tap on the plus sign displayed on the left lower corner of the app to add various activities instantly.
  7. With the help of a Google Fit Compatible Fitness Band, you can monitor Heart Rate and SpO2. Google Fit Activity detection app work with almost all the fitness bands available today except Samsung Gear.
  8. Google Fit is compatible with over 50+ fitness apps including MyFitnessPal, one of the best Gym Workout app available today.
  9. Calculate Heart Points using GFit App.
  10. Google Fit App is now compatible with iOS devices and Apple Watch.
  11. It has a black mode.

Cons of Google Fit

In this article about Google Fit Vs Samsung Health, now let us discuss the cons or limitations of Google Fit Fitness App.

  1. It does not work with Samsung Gear Gadgets.
  2. GFit Can not track your sleeping pattern as Samsung Health Fitness App does.
  3. I could not see any option to track my diet habit.

Google Fit App has a long distance to go. I think the developers will soon include the options to chart sugar level, Diet habit, etc. to the app shortly.

Samsung Health Fitness App

Samsung Fitness App comes with a lot of features to track all your day to day physical activities, Diet, Sleep, and weight. Samsung Health is compatible with, as obviously, all the Samsung Fitness Gadgets and Samsung Gear Devices.


In this article about Google Fit Vs Samsung Health, now let us discuss the pros and cons of Samsung Health Fitness App.

Pros of Samsung Health

  1. Samsung Health Work perfectly with Samsung Smart Watches including Samsung wear.
  2. Keep track of your vitals including Heart Rate and SpO2 with the health of Samsung Health Compatible Wears.
  3. Samsung Health can measure the level of stress by analyzing your vital signs. But you should have a Samsung Health Compatible fitness band to measure the stress level.
  4. S Health can analyze the sleep by using Fit2 Pro or Galaxy Watch.
  5. Samsung Health comes with a fitness calendar so that you can schedule your work out in the calendar.
  6. S Health offers some health programmes and activities to improve the level of fitness.
  7. Monitor your diet with Samsung Health for perfect weight management. Just scan what you eat using Bixby, and the S Health will automatically calculate the calorie.
  8. S Health has a great collection of fitness-related contents, and you can access it for free any time at anywhere.
  9. Do a fitness challenge with your friends to stay motivated.
  10. You can Sync Samsung Health with Glucometer and Weight Scale to monitor your weight more accurately.

Cons of Samsung Health

  1. Samsung Health is not compatible with Xi Band as of now.
  2. It does not have a dedicated website to track your fitness data.
  3. It can not correctly track sleep without an Android Wear.
  4. Does not have a dark mode like Google Fit.

These are some important pros and cons in this comparative study about Google Fit Vs Samsung Health.

Samsung Health Vs Google Fit


  • Works with Samsung Gear
  • S Health Can Track Sleep( Need a Compatible Fitness Band)
  • Keep Track of Your Diet
  • Automatically Tracks the Activities
  • S Health Can analyze Stress Level
  • Offers Free Health Programmes



  • Does not Supports Samsung Gear
  • Can not Track Sleep
  • Can not tracks Diet Data
  • Need to set the activity Manually
  • G Fit Does not assess the Stress level
  • Do not have any Health Programmes

From the details mentioned above, it is clear that Samsung Health is more effective than Google Fit in tracking various fitness needs and moreover it is a free app.  In addition to that, Samsung Health App offers more resources than Google Fit like Automatic Diet Charting and Sleep monitoring.

Google Fit is perfect if you just want to track your Physical Activity only. But you need to download Samsung Health if you’re going to take your fitness activity to the next level.

I think this article on Google Fit Vs Samsung Health was useful for you in understanding the pros and cons of both the apps. Comment below your thought on this.

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  1. This sort of comparison would be much more helpful if it included a date because one can’t tell if it is actually current and technology is changing sooooo fast! Otherwise, I appreciate the info. I just bought the Galaxy Watch Active and the fitness aspects seem to work well, but for the considerable money spent, it is difficult using the other bells and whistles for a dedicated Google user like me. I can’t even get all my contacts onto it for the messaging widgets. Something is bugged and I’ve been at it for hours without joy.

    • Thank you, Ms Holly, for your comment and I will include the date on all our upcoming articles.


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